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How to produce great music?

Paradise Label - How to Produce Great Music

Want to know how Paradise Label works with Artists?
What is the secret sauce to produce great music?

Common DAW, common plugins, superior sound libraries, free mix & pre-mastering trainings, professional pre-mastering and mastering

Paradise Label artists family team is using the same set of softwares.
This helps to speed up the production process (composition, mix, pre-mastering, mastering).
This facilitates communication with artists and also between artists.


Reason Studios (Reason 12)
– Reason can be used as a full DAW, but also as a VST3 plugin in other DAWs (Ableton, CakeWalk, Cubase, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Studio One,…).
– Reason can be purchased as a software or as a subscription (Reason+).
Reason+ comes with ALL Reason Studios instruments and sounds libraries.

2/ DIGITAL PLUGINS is the most versatile, stable and affordable plugins platform.
All kind of plugins are available. Always, proposes great deals and coupons.
Get 10%-off coupon on any software plugin at


Of course, Reason comes with lot of sounds.
Paradise Label is recommending 3 major libraries:
Native Instruments Kontakt:  a vast range of virtual instruments and effects: synths, sampled instruments, studio and creative effects, samplers, and cinematic tools.
Arturia V Collection: a quintessential anthology of the most evocative synthesizers and keyboards ever made, meticulously modeled, lovingly recreated and expertly enhanced to inspire.
VSL – Vienna Sonic Library®: VLS a research-driven music software and sample library developer based in Vienna, Austria (strings, brass, violons, cellos,…).


Mix is almost done on Reason by the artist.
Paradise Label proposes free remote trainings about mixing using Reason console.


As soon mix and pre-mastering are finalized on Reason, Paradise Label finalizes pre-mastering based on bounced tracks.
Paradise Label uses Softube Console 1 mixing system and Softube Console 1 Fader to complete pre-mastering.
All kind of channel strips are available: American A, British Class A, Chandler Zener-Bender, Empirical Labs, SSL XL 9000 K-Series, Summit Audio Grand Channel, Weiss Gambit,… to produce incredible music.


Since years, Paradise Label works with best mastering studios to produce final master.
Tracks are then available on different format:
– 44 Khz 16 bits,
– 44 Khz 24 bits,
– 48 Khz 24 bits Masters for iTunes,
– Dolby Atmos


Avoid losing all your work and make backups. Paradise Label works with the pCloud Storage Solution for all of its backups. pCloud is a service offered by a Swiss company and offers the best prices on the market. Click here to get a great price for 2 Tb of data. pCloud is a very versatile, secure and competitive solution. Take a look.

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