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    01. Maniac
    Black Solo


Title: Maniac
Genre: Rap
Artist: Black Solo
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2019
Paradise Label



Maniac causing much pain and inciting drama
Radical drill but with a little drama
Fake mcs, aint no hanging up higher
The mic is mine, time to peer the piper
Cant catch up so you assume I’m swift, now you know who I be

Verse 1

They never thouch that i’d do it this big men
Everybody trying to talk that nonsense
But im still cappin all ma foes in the street
A lil bit and then im taking over the industry

On ma tour men i turn water into wine
My miracle flows make hoes wanna hang with mines
Now they think im deep the nikes fit on ma feet
Fresh to death i just blew two hundred geez

Haters they be hating for no reason
Apparently it’s a coincedence that you still breathing
This ma spot so i called this shit a perfect home
Play with me see the way a psycho blow

Up in the town with my goons trying to jack shit up
I dont care who really got it im trynna take it all
Advance logic energetic like a stallion
You wanna count the money, its bout a billion

Tell em haters not test me when im coming through
I pressure water and i turn it into molten lava
I always hit the target, aint nobody better
Tell this motherfuckers got to do it now no later…..

Verse 2

You see ma code is illogical,
They cant understand how i flow so hysterical
Still accepted though my action is so radical
I get high on the pitch but ma rhythm is phenomenal

Yoh i rule this zone, im a combatant
Yoh im ready for war, let’s get on tonight
Fight night and i knuckle em up
I gat the ranks, no questions just axe em up, axe em up

To hell with the feelings im hot every season
I see you all sleeping while your heart goes missing
Sorting out your pockets and your shit’s all missing
Your baby mama sipping on the liquor im drinking

I’m a maniac you always a victim
Shout it to these suckers i dont need no assistance
Don’t test ma patience im so volatile
Mess with me and ama spray you like insecticides

Ama play your ass a movie you be terrified
You just dug a pit for yourself and youo feel inside
I’m a maniac…………..


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      01. Maniac
      Black Solo

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